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What Customers are Saying About

Liller Designworks, LLC and Owner Jody Liller


Jody is responsible for the magnificent graphic content of our website and Facebook pages.  She developed the marketing and publicity strategies that have served us so well and brought us the successes we have appreciated.

–Barclay Dick, President of Romero House Potters, Inc., Tucson, Arizona.


Jody excited about what you are creating and just want you to know that

I love your work!  --Heidi Anderson, Nashville, TN









JODY!!! LOVE IT!  I think you cracked it first time out!!                                     I think we have found my logo!!! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!

–Jo Martinez 






What Publishers are Saying About

                         Liller Designworks, LLC 


Genius!!!! It's gorgeous!!! You really created a special ad for Maya and 22nd St.  Wow!!  So proud to have your artwork in my magazine and book.
-Heidi Goldman, Publisher of Where GuestBook and Where Tucson


Beautiful! Thank you for all you’ve done! Great job!

-Liz Puente Regional Sales Manager, Bride and Groom Tucson



Berti' S. Brodsky, Advertising Sales Manager, Arizona Jewish Post




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